Author: Mawibse (
.bsp date: 10.10.2001
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Amadablam's comments on flf_mountainhamlet:

When we first played the beta of mountainhamlet back in June of 2001 we were immediately struck by the level of quality and detail in this map. It's creator, mawibse, developed this map for several different Half-Life mods and we believe it should provide high-quality gameplay for Front Line Force. Make sure you check out Planet Half-Life's review at Mikee, the reviewer, simply says "This is the best Half-Life map ever made!"

Ash's review of flf_mountainhamlet:

This map has been converted for several major HL mods and among them obviously FLF. The first thing one will notice when playing this map is the attention to detail. Almost everything in the level is breakable, from the lights to the windows to the bar in the pub. Probably the funniest detail is the chicken models *Cluck* when they take a few rounds.

There are 5 points spaced out on this relatively small map. However, you can go in every building, most have multiple floors, so the map feels very big. This allows for multiple routes to every point as well as great places to hide and snipe from, the points aren't so far apart that a support would take a day to get there either. There are three towers that can be scaled for sniping and from those towers you can cover at least 3 of the points (bridge, tower, pool roof).

The map is balanced between offense and defense, there doesn't seem to be a single point that is impossible to capture last, and a good defense can hold just about any of the poitns. It will take a bit a teamwork to get the last point, but that's what the game is all about.

I would have to agree with the planethalflife review calling this possibly the best map for any HL mod ever. I'd give it a 9.9/10, because there are a few minor texturing issues, but nothing that takes away from the gameplay. The map is on Nephilim and I believe HCC's server as well (could be on others...). So go vote for flf_mountainhamlet.

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