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Below you will find the files needed to play Front Line Force as well as links to other tools and utilities that you may find useful in the FLF and gaming community. We'll add more as they're requested or as we think of them...

official Front Line Force files:

Front Line Force 1.9 (released 2012) -143M-

Front Line Force 1.9 HLDS Win/Linux (released 2012) -161M-

Front Line Force 1.8b (full .exe for Windows) -83.4M-

Front Line Force 1.8b Patch (requires FLF 1.8) -3.5M-

Front Line Force 1.8b Linux Server (full) -82.6M-

Front Line Force 1.8b Linux Server Patch (requires FLF 1.8) -4.2M-

Front Line Force Classic Map Pack (more info) -20M-

Front Line Force Official Map Pack (more info) -22M-

Half-Life files:

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Check for more Half-Life files at Planet Half-Life's file section.

Front Line Force maps:

Check out our official and custom map sections for FLF maps!

Front Line Force add-ons:

Windlekron's Sound Pack (version 2) -1M-

Black Baron's Sound Pack -464K-

(These will overwrite your original sounds - back them up in case you want to use them again) - a great source for custom FLF skins

tools and utilities

mIRC - a popular IRC client used for chatting with other gamers

HLIT - an IRC tool used for connecting to game servers

FLF Log - a tool for "broadcasting" FLF matches in IRC

ServerInfo - a great freeware tool for monitoring and connecting to various game servers, including those for Half-Life

HL Guard - a server-side anti-cheat scanner

halfd - a server administration tool

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